Pitch and chord pipe

for the Apple Watch

Pitch and chord pipe

A simple 12-tone chromatic pitch pipe that not only plays single notes but also any chord.

This chromatic pitch pipe can play single notes and chords.

- Start or stop the sound using the play/pause button.

- Enable or disable pitches by tapping individual note symbols. Use this to play arbitrary chords.

- Tap a quick-action button called "S" (single), "M" (major), "m" (minor), and "dim" (diminished) to set a chord directly.

- Transpose the pitches by rotating the Digital Crown. The note wheel display will rotate to follow the crown.

The note wheel can be rotated two full turns; the first displays chromatic pitches using sharps (screenshot 1: C major), the second using flats (screenshot 2: F minor).

The chords are always played using pitches selected from a fixed 12-tone chromatic scale, just as a real chord pipe.

Version 1.0

First release.

Version 1.0.1

Bugfix: It wasn't possible to dial to H on the second turn of the note wheel, which has been corrected.

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The Pitch and chord pipe app does not collect any data whatsoever.